Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Willow Potholders

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I've finished my potholders. These have actually been finished since April 28th and I'm finally getting around to blogging them now. Sheesh! Busy isn't the word.


Anyway, I've already discussed the many things I love about this project. I enjoyed picking the pattern and working out the kinks. I enjoyed enhancing my crochet skilz. I really enjoyed seeing the finished product turn out exactly the way I hoped it would.

The only thing I'd change is the colors I selected. I like the colors and in most cases they worked out well. I'm not embarrassed by the results at all. I just think that with a bit more planning (as opposed to dropping a bunch of random "pretty" yarns in my virtual cart) may have made the results even more satisfying. It's not even a matter of color as much as it's about the shades. More contrast would be good.


I suspect that I'll make more of these because I'd like a few for our house. That's probably just my new excuse to make more of these. Initially I thought I'd make a few extra to send off but life got in the way.

Meanwhile I need to get these labeled and shipped out. I hope their new owners like them.



  1. loving all these yummy potholders... they make me think of my childhood. all of them are beautiful and now i am inspired to make some!!

  2. I love these! They came out fantastic.

  3. Awesome! The colors really pop on each of them.

  4. These came out really well. I'm still working on mine. I pulled them all out this morning and am back to one done and four to go!

  5. Those are really lovely. Willow is my favorite block in the 200 blocks book.


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