Wednesday, May 20, 2009

And I'm Done!

Finally. I feel as if i've spent the past year crocheting potholder. I know that's not the case but between the potholders for the swap and the practice ones i made before, i think i've got at least 15 potholders under my belt. But i'm finally done.

for the swap

i really like these and kind of don't want to send them off. (and yes there are 7. i was kind of on a color binge and couldn't stop). anyway, this pattern is my own. i used an old vintage potholder that i had picked up at flea market as inspiration. i hope to write up the pattern and post it on ravelry in the next week or so. sorry, not in time for the swap. but you should be almost done by now anyway.


  1. I love these - is it possible to make a wish list ;-) ??!!

  2. I can't wait for your pattern to be posted! I will certain use it to build my potholder stash.

  3. I like these a lot! The blue/brown is my fave.


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