Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Five hot pads done! (Actually more, counting the test patterns and the test of the final selection, but who's counting?) All in the same pattern, but two different yarns. The jewel tones are done in Mirasol T'ika (Peruvian cotton yarn); the pastel ones are done in Tahki's Cotton Classic. I liked working with both - smooth, silky and soft.

The fronts are done in the American Beauty pattern (from "200 Crochet Blocks" by Jan Eaton), but I also crocheted a back to provide more padding and protection for use as a hot pad (I do not recommend using this as a pot holder). The backs are done in the knot stitch pattern (one is off-set, the other four are aligned) from “Textured Crochet” by Helen Jordan. The fronts and backs were then single crocheted together, and a shell stitch edging added (from "Encyclopedia of Crochet" by Donna Kooler).

I really had fun doing these! Thank you Adrian and Maritza. Tomorrow I take them to the post office for mailing. I look forward to receiving our swap - from the pictures I have seen here, they all look amazing!

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