Sunday, May 31, 2009

Signed, Sealed, Delivered

I sent out my 5 potholders on Friday.

All 5 Potholders Together

I decided to use wool, and to make each of them into a little piece of art. Each one is unique in size and color. I only used the same yarn on 2 of them. The pattern, of course, is Pretty Petals Potholder.

You can see closeups of all 5 potholders here in my Flickr set.

Thank you so much to Adrian and Maritza for organizing this swap. I usually knit, and crochet is very new to me. This swap reminded me of when I was a new knitter and every little knitted bit was very exciting. I was so happy to feel that way about crochet, because I was never really "into" it before. I can't wait to see the potholder collection that will come to me.


  1. Those are stunning! The Flickr pics do them much more justice, as you can see where one ends and the next begins much better. Love them!

  2. Those are just gorgeous! It makes me want to go try out this pattern RIGHT NOW!


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