Monday, May 18, 2009

Potholders for the Swap

Potholders for the Swap

Woot! I'm done! Between practicing my crochet and trying to settle on a pattern for the swap, I must have made 10 potholders, so when it came time to do my 5, I was kind of sick of them. Great behavior for one of the hosts, right?

It turns out this pattern is super fun and I started a 6th last night, just because there was one more color combination that I needed to do.

Pattern: Old-Fashioned Potholders by Cathy Irish (rav link)
Yarn: a mix of Tahki Cotton Classic and Elann Sonata, 66 grams per potholder
Size: 8" across
Hook: 2.5mm
Extras: plastic drapery rings

Verdict: AWESOME! This is a totally simple pattern that lends itself to stripes and fun color combinations.

These potholders have 2 identical sides and are crocheted together on the last round.

White plastic drapery rings are used for the loops. When I got to the end of the joining/ last round, I did single crochet around the plastic rings and slip stitched through the first stitch.

These are heavy duty potholders. There's no chance a finger could poke through and be burned.

The Swap:
I hope you're all enjoying yourselves. The potholders have been arriving in waves. Mr. HelloYarn just came home from the post office and yelled up that he'd just picked up a ton more. I can't wait to go down and see them!


  1. I love heavy duty potholders - I'm a practical girl. With a little luck, maybe I'll receice one of these...!?

  2. those are beautiful! hooray for the swap!


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