Wednesday, June 17, 2009

My Computer is Acting Up

I have ended the previous post 3 or 4 times, and I keep getting an "HTML error" message, refusing to print it with that post, and so I am posting again separately to wrap up what I had to say:

Oooops! So, if you get a mystery PH (variegated yellow with green stripes and a daffodil), that would be me (smiling sheepishly). So sorry.
And to my mystery PH swapper (who made the pretty tan, brown, and olive green one in the pic above), leave a comment so I can properly thank you.
And a proper thank you to Birdsong, Donna, Melissa W., and Sue! They are soooo lovely, and I know I will smile every time one of them catches my eye in the kitchen, and again when they protect my hands and counters and tabletop.
I hope everyone gets their pkg. soon. Mine only had to travel from Mass. to Maine, so that's why so quick. I can't wait now for the posts sharing all the lovely PHs.

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