Thursday, June 4, 2009

(Don't worry, there are 5!) I finished last week, but the extra few days were very welcome due to moving and traveling at the end of the month.

I learned SO MUCH with this swap -- the only things I've crochet before are amigurumi. So I learned: double crochet, triple crochet, folded triple crochet, standing stitches, puff stitches, bobble stitches, turning chains, working in rounds instead of spirals, and working around the posts of stitches. Whew!

It was fun to pick a pattern. I had a hard time settling on one at first. Hexagons have a lot of corners to keep track of, and most of the squares I found were either hole-y in the corners or ruffled once I got to 5 rounds. I ended up using a scalloped pattern from Ravelry. I was worried that it would be too unoriginal, but my husband pointed out that anything with lots of projects probably turns out pretty well! So I gave it my own little twist by using bobbles and triple-crochets around the post of the stitch two rows below in the fourth round becuase I LOVE BOBBLES AND PUFF STITCHES!!! Ahem.

Then I made two more potholders for us. And I might make two more as part of a wedding present. But I might take a little break first.

Everybody's crocheting is so beautiful -- I can't wait to see what I get in the mail!


  1. Wow, I really love these, especially the addition of the puff stitches? What is the pattern that you used?

  2. Thanks! I found the pattern online through Ravelry -- the website is

    I changed round 4 to ch 3, bobble ( = 5 dc tog in next st), dc, trc around post of stitch 2 rows below, *dc, bobble, dc, trc around post of stitch 2 rows below* repeat until end of round, join with a slip stitch to third chain.

  3. What lovely potholders. And you did a great job making a popular pattern with your own personal twist.


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