Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Lucky Me! PotHolder Delivery has Arrived!

Oh My! I have been trying to control my impatience waiting for this package to arrive. So I told myself to put it out of my mind 'til at least Friday, and lo and behold, they came today. And to think they sat in my mailbox for a few hours only about 30 yards away! What a delight of patterns and colors. They are all cotton (as I sent cotton). All are double-layered. All had labels or tags of some kind, with fiber content, care instructions. 4 of the 5 identified the crocheter by name, website, or e-mail. I haven't been able to identify #5. (yet)

This was my first-ever swap of any kind. I guess I've learned a little bit by this experience. What I learned was that I shouldn't have agonized so much over choosing a pattern and materials. I lost a lot of time and ended up rushing at the last minute. Wasn't able to take pictures, (was putting the last stitches in as my husband drove me to the first of two post offices). I think it was probably spelled out for me somewhere, but I didn't get the message that I should label my entries.


  1. I believe from what Maritza just emailed, that I have one of your potholders. The picture is up at my site now I should go edit my post since I know who the maker is now.

    It's very lovely.

  2. You have one of my potholders, and I am just getting set to track down the makers of my five, which arrived yesterday... I feel just as excited!


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