Friday, April 10, 2009

Ready to go…

My potholders are finished and ready to go across the ocean.

It’s been interesting to read what you write here, on Flickr and on your blogs about potholders. To me, it looks like traditions here in Norway, where I live, are a little different than in the US. (And also, I hope you can understand what I write – it is quite a while since I’ve been speaking, reading and writing in English).

When I grew up, you could see homemade potholders in every kitchen. The last 10-15 years, however, it has been considered more old fashioned and out. Now that recycling and second hand is getting more and more popular again, especially among younger people, crocheted potholders are coming back. But they are still easy to find and still cheap in the flea markets and second hand shops, and I have collected some. They are always in cotton, often double, and mostly in thick (DK?) yarn. Very often, they are red and white or other strong colors – maybe so they will be easy to find in a hurry when you need them? I have never ever seen a potholder made of wool, that is of hygienic reasons of course. Cotton can be machine washed in hot water, while wool will be feltet if treated the same way.

For that reason, my potholders are all in cotton, double, without any holes in them. It’s almost impossible to burn your hands when you use them. I found a similar pattern in an old magazine from the 1980’s, but I have changed it several times during the years.

More about these, and other, potholders on my blog. It’s all in Norwegian, and impossible to understand if you don’t know the language, but you can always look at the pictures…

Thank you, Adrian and Maritza, for starting this swap. It’s been such an inspiration!


  1. I cannot believe how beautiful these are!! I love them so much! Incredible!

  2. These are fabulous! The colors are wonderful, and I love the pattern.

  3. Beautiful! Thank you for sharing! Get someone to help you translate your blog to English! I would love to read it.

  4. The potholders you've made are beautiful, and it's really interesting to read the traditions and rationale that you followed!

  5. oh i wish i had a pattern for these. they are fab.

  6. the pictures look like a cheerful market display! they are very beautiful potholders!


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