Thursday, April 9, 2009


I really love this pattern and after crocheting 3 sides (1 1/2 potholders) I'm thinking I have no choice but to use it. The one I finished is a bit on the small side 5 3/4". I'm thinking of adding another round of increases before the top petal shaping.

I just love the small crochet thread and the vintage patterns too!! but they just seem to take so much longer than something done in dk or worsted weight.

I was afraid such fine thread wouldn't provide much in the way of heat proofing, but it did the job when I took some carrot cake out of the oven this morning.

The other pattern I like is just a big 6 sided granny square type potholder (kind of like this one), with a few color changes to make it interesting. What would you want to get? Little frilly or big granny?


  1. I'm glad to know that potholders made with crochet thread worked well. (I'll be using thread for mine as well.)

    I'd pick the frilly one myself, but both are nice. It'd be easy to add a round or two so that it won't be too small. Good luck! : )

  2. I was also wondering about the heat-proofness of my single layer potholders, but in user testing they worked dandy! I'd be happy getting either pattern you end up using. Equal love for the frilly and the granny.

  3. This is such a sweet little design! I had been wondering about the heatworthiness, but would probably use this design more sparingly than a beefy one, since it is so pretty.

  4. Love the frilly! Reminds me of my grandmother, but when she used crochet thread, she sandwiched a layer or two of old flannel in between the two crochet sides for extra insulation.

  5. is this the one from Kyuuto lacy crochet? very nice! did you use the Herbs thread or something else?

  6. I've had similar concerns. Basically, I decided mine are more like hot pads! and less like potholders. I also added a border to make mine bigger across. However, you already have a lovely scalloped border.

    Personally, I wouldn't miss the quarter of an inch if I received your potholder.

  7. This is the pattern from Kyuuto! Lacy crochet. I used Lydias crochet 10 thread. Thanks for all your comments, I am going to use this one.


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