Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Parade of Prototypes

Hi, I'm Hillary and knitting is really my love but these hot pads and potholders are so much fun. It's really nice to step outside my comfort zone and try to create using didderent skills.

Swap ColorsI was so excited when I signed up. I went online and ordered up a bunch of Elann Sonata right away. It's such a lovely yarn. Great colors and a nice smooth finish. I also bought a few new crochet hooks that are more comfortable to use. Then I borrowed 200 Crochet Blocks by Jan Eaton from my library. This is a book I'd definitely love to add to my collection. It's got great blocks and I find the other information in it very helpful as well.

Tricolor SquareFinally I started testing potential patterns using random scraps of Sugar 'n Cream yarn and I just couldn't stop. I started with the block that really caught my eye. This is from the book and it's #35 Tricolor Square. Both DQ and Stinkerbelle have tried to claim this one for themselves. No matter which other pattern I try, this is the family favorite. Sadly it doesn't meet one of the criteria that I am looking for. I need a pattern that I feel I can really execute well and I think that this one is beyond my skill set.

Briar RoseBriar Rose (#78) was the second one I tried. I try not to let the color choice influence my impression of it but I just can't help being distracted by the crazy. I also think that the hook I used was not the right size. The stitches are a little loose which is odd because I've found that I'm a tight crocheter in general. It's something I'm working on.

Gothic SquareThe Gothic Square (#94) looked terriffic to me when I saw it in the book. It also worked well for me. The stitches and combinations were ones that I felt totally comfortable with. I just don't love this square even though I really want to. I'm not sure why but it's just not "The One".

WillowI really enjoyed crocheting Willow (#189) and I thought it was a winner but the family disagrees. They're just not feeling the love for it. I like the shapes and I think it could be a good potholder if I added a solid or textured back. I just think that it could get tedious repeating this pattern again and again.

Since none of the patterns in the book were jumping out and screaming at me, I kept trying more. I'll post about the rest of them including a bunch I found on the internet. I tried a total of nine patterns last week.

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  1. Oh, Hillary, how fun, I really must get my hands on that book. It must be fun to try different squares in different color combos. I have (I think) selected my pattern. It's from a vintage source, and is called Honeymoon Cottage, kind of kitsch-y. I'm working on a prototype to post, maybe by next week.
    I like the last square the best, for what it's worth. All are very nicely done.

  2. I think they all are great and colorful, and keep in mind that five repetitions isn't all that much! I just did the 'square that works' for the fancy side and need to plot out my plain backing. This really is fun.


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