Saturday, March 21, 2009

today is the day!

Hi, folks! Thanks to all of you who have joined! We are so excited about this and happy to have you all participate in this swap. There is still some time left for those of you who are interested but have not joined yet. The deadline for signing up is midnight tonight.

76/2009: Cotton Crochet Practice

We've sent out some invites to the blog that weren't used, so if you signed up but don't see your name on the sidebar, please do not hesitate to email us with a link to use for you. Drop us a line at so we can update the swapper list with your name and link.

Regarding fiber, we are specifying wool or cotton only please. The reason being that cotton ignites at about 410º Fahrenheit, and wool ignites at an even higher temperature and has excellent insulating properties, which is a quality one would want in a functional potholder. Cotton potholders and hot pads can be thrown in the wash where as wool might require a little bit more special attention. For more particulars regarding the pros and cons of what fibers to use for potholders, please see this discussion here. For this swap, however, we need you to use wool or cotton only please.

We'll have more info regarding the swap details with you soon.


  1. Sorry to be such a pain, but I want to make sure that superwash wool is ok, as well as wool/cotton blends (as long as wool and cotton are all that's in there.)

    Thanks for helping. I have a pretty diverse stash.

  2. Sally, I think we will need to get back to you and everyone else about superwash wool. I know some superwash wool is made by coating the fiber in a resin, which will melt. At what temp., I tried to find out once because I was concerned about dyeing it, but never did get a good answer, though a couple of suppliers said it was around 400F. I think we should test it before telling people it's okay to use. No one wants a hot pad permanently stuck to the bottom of a pot, or a potholder stuck to the hand. We'll give an answer one way or another in our big post at the beginning of the week. I suspect our answer may be no.

  3. I'm guessing from the above comment that sock yarns with nylon in them would also be verboten...

  4. Yeeeee! What a great list of folks!

  5. Thanks for adding the fiber specifics. I would be SO disappointed to receive a beautiful piece from this swap and inadvertently ruin it by using it.
    And look at all those participants - oh holy coolness!

  6. Wow, the list of participants has GROWN! This is going to be such fun!

  7. durn!!!! i would have loooooooooooooved to get in on this. i hope y'all have fun with this swap! i can't wait to see finished lots.



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