Monday, March 16, 2009

hello folks! welcome to the swap blog!

Hi everyone! Welcome to our little swap blog here. Some of you may know us from Flickr and may have reached us from the swap group over there. Thanks for dropping in! Lately, we have become just slightly obsessed with crochet, and what better way to learn about crochet than to start with fun simple projects that are both pretty and functional? Hot pads and pot holders are a great way to learn the techniques as well as play with color and create something that can function as a practical object and as art. That's not even to mention the kitschy fun to be had with it!

We'd love to have you join our swap. To participate, please email us at Deadline to enter the swap is 3/21/09.

Now for the rules. They're pretty basic, so here goes....


- hot pads/ pot holders must be crocheted
- each member will crochet 5 hot pads/ pot holders in the same pattern. Different colors are okay. (You can choose whatever pattern you want to work with and vary the colors between them, as long as you crochet 5 hot pads/ pot holders in that same pattern.)
- each pad/holder must be tagged with maker, fiber content, and care instructions
- wool or cotton yarns only please- no synthetics, for safety reasons
- if you have a wool allergy please let us know so you will receive cotton hot pads only
- each pad/holder must be between 6 - 12 inches in diameter
- US swappers., you must include a USPS Priority stamp for return postage with your potholders. Non-US residents are welcome, we'll just need to work out how you pay for return postage with you.
- have fun with this!

We're thinking that 2 months should be enough time for everyone to finish their hot pads/ pot holders, but we'll post an official deadline and details as to where to mail them shortly, once we have all our swappers.

For now, there are a few wonderful resources for pot holder patterns, such as Crochet Pattern Central and the Crochet & Crafts Link Index, as well as an inspiration group we started on Flickr.

Take a button!


  1. damn you guys posting these links while i've got work to do!!! damn you!!!

  2. I can't wait! I have been in the mood to crochet some potholders and this swap is perfectly timed. This'll be fun!

  3. This is going to be fun! I'm having trouble adding the button to my blog - anyone else? No worries though - stitch on!

  4. I can't help myself, I'm about to send you a message and I'd love to add that cute button to my blog!!

  5. I'm so excited to do this---the crocheting won't be too difficult (I have tons of patterns---many vintage), and lots of cotton, etc. I haven't signed up officially, I've never entered a swap and don't want to be a drain by somehow screwing up.....
    Can somebody tell me how to "take a button"-I'd be so excited to display it proudly (the first one) on my shiny new blog (so much to learn-just taking it one new feature at a time...).
    If I can take a button successfully, then I'll be committed, and definitely participate!

  6. Hmmm . . . I'm trying to concentrate on work . . . I want to crochet . . . must work . . . want to crochet . . .

  7. Okay, I figured out the blog button, so I'm officially in!

  8. I've been saving up sample I've gotten, so I have a wide array of colors to use. So much fun! I can't wait to begin.

  9. has anyone asked for the pattern featured in the button and banner of the blog? the lavender and white and blue and white one. those are quite lovely in their simplicity and i would love to make some. i hope you guys repeat this swap.

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